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We have a range of specialty door locks as well as security tools.

What makes these door locks so special is that we have taken what your smartphone can do and applied it to your door.

What is wrong with a normal door with a traditional and archaic lock and key, you ask? Well let us ask you a few questions:

Have you locked yourself out of your own house before and had to try the treacherous climbing through the window manoeuvre?

Or you room with someone that keeps losing their keys so you have to constantly open the door?

Well those days are over.

We present to you, digital door locks. We have a range of digital door locks that can be unlocked with either a pin code or a fingerprint.

It鈥檚 really as simple and easy as remembering a pin code and there are no worries about losing your finger 馃檪

Our wide range of digital door locks vary in color, style shape and size,

but all of them are key-less and hassle free. No more struggling to find your keys at the bottom of a chaotic handbag, no more needing to put the arms full of groceries down to find the keys and unlock the door, no more playing operation when you get home after a few drinks with work mates that turned into a full on party, trying to get the key into the keyhole. Those struggles are all over, you just plop your allocated finger onto the scanner and open sesame. Our fingerprint door locks and digital door locks are real game changers.聽

Make the wise choice and contact us and get your safety locked in.

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The consulting team has a collective experience of 12 years.聽

We have a team of expert consultants with a unique combination of capabilities, and we present our clients with a winning team! All facilitators and consultants, beyond their education and rich academic experience, have previously served in senior management positions and led key and prominent processes in the Us market.

The team of consultants and facilitators is invested in and committed to the clients’ success.

They speak the corporate language of the companies which they accompany and act according to a uniform and unique methodology.

As part of our operation, which is based on effectiveness and a focus on results, we believe that the combination of professional forces – consultants and academic trainers with personal expertise – and content specialists from the field create, value for clients and make the processes and the quality of the products聽especially effective and successful.

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