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Our Advanced Outdoor Security Camera with AI Human Detection and PTZ Functionality

Introducing our latest innovation in home security – the 1080P PTZ Wifi IP Camera. With advanced features such as AI human detection and 4X digital zoom, this wireless camera is designed to provide you with unparalleled peace of mind.

Equipped with H.265 P2P technology, this camera delivers superior image quality while reducing bandwidth consumption by up to 50%. This makes it perfect for outdoor use, as it can withstand harsh weather conditions without compromising on performance.

Thanks to its advanced AI human detection technology, this camera can distinguish between human and non-human movement, reducing the number of false alarms and ensuring that you are only alerted when it is truly necessary.

The camera also features a 4X digital zoom function, allowing you to capture even the smallest details with ease. With a wide range of motion and a PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) feature, you can easily monitor every corner of your property from the convenience of your smartphone.

This camera is designed with your convenience in mind, and its easy setup process means that you can start monitoring your home in no time. With its P2P connectivity and wireless design, you can access your camera’s feed from anywhere at any time, giving you peace of mind and security.

Invest in the 1080P PTZ Wifi IP Camera today and enjoy top-of-the-line home security like never before.

The top-of-the-line security camera, packed with features that will keep your property safe and secure. With HD 2MP/3MP resolution options, you’ll never miss a detail, and our true humanoid intelligent alert double light will give you peace of mind knowing that only actual humans trigger the alarm.

Our camera features blacklight full-color technology for crystal clear night vision, and with three modes to choose from, you can customize your settings for maximum protection. Our CMS computer client allows you to save and play footage in real-time, and with our customized new speakers, you’ll hear every sound with 4W high power.

We’ve designed our camera with PTZ capabilities, allowing it to rotate 270 degrees left and right and 90 degrees vertically. Plus, with dual antenna 5DB technology, our signal is stronger and more reliable than ever before.

Our camera uses the latest H.265X storage design, making TF card storage lower, more stable, and more durable. With three connection modes to choose from – AP hotspot direct connection, wireless WiFi connection, and bringing network port wired connection – you can set up your camera however you like.

We’re proud to offer an exclusive patented spherical heat treatment that keeps the screen cool and dry, ensuring your footage stays clear and visible. And with free 30-day cloud storage, your data is secure and easily accessible.

Choose our security camera for the ultimate protection for your property. Our advanced features and state-of-the-art technology make us the top choice for security-conscious customers.

2.Package Contents

1080 No SD Card = 2MP Wifi Camera(No Include SD Card)
1080P Add 32G Card = 2MP Wifi Camera + 32GB SD Card
1080P Add 64G Card = 2MP Wifi Camera + 64GB SD Card
1080P Add 128G Card = 2MP Wifi Camera + 128GB SD Card
3MP No SD Card = 3MP Wifi Camera(No Include SD Card)
3MP Add 32G Card = 3MP Wifi Camera + 32GB SD Card
3MP Add 64G Card = 3MP Wifi Camera + 64GB SD Card
3MP Add 128G Card = 3MP Wifi Camera + 128GB SD Card


If you need Power Extension Cable to extend this power supply.
Please Click “Buy Now” to get 3m Power Extension Cable.

IP66 Waterproof & Dustproof

The shell is made of high-grade plastic , which is waterproof, sun-proof and dust-proof. It is suitable for any environment.

4.0X Digital Zoom

This camera supports 4.0X Digital Zoom, Press and hold the screen with both hands to Zoom in/out and see more details.

PTZ Remote Control Anywhere

Camera head are rotatable with 270°pan and 90°tilt. You can control it via the app and get a sweeping view on every inch of your entire house.

Smart Dual Light Source

Built-in 4Pcs White LED and 4Pcs IR LED, Monitor moving objects, automatically illuminate. This is an impressive little weapon against crime.

1080P VS 3MP High Resolution

3MP image has more exquisite,better light saturation,lower noise and other advantages

Clear Two Way Audio

Camera is built with microphone and speaker. So you can talk to your kids via your Smartphone remotely whenever you want

Humanoid Detection

Support cordon & alert area custom detect setting, Mix line, area, two-way flow detection, for human form

Support AP Mode

If the device is not in direct connection (AP) mode, press the Reset button three times to enter the direct mode. Most device will voice” enter the direct connection mode”.

Flexible & Secure Storage Options

The camera supports up to 128GB TF card local backup and also provides cloud storage service(Need to pay extra cost)

P2P Remote Access

Thanks to the convenient P2P technology, now you can view the live footage whenever you want to, just log in the P2P account on the app via your Smartphone or tablet and start monitoring your house in no time.

Wireless/Wired Connection

According to your needs, you can choose wireless connection or network cable connection.

Product Details

High quality ABS plastic, designed for indoor / outdoor use.


ANBIUX AI08 Mini PTZ Camera: Waterproof Wireless IP Camera with Color Night Vision and Human Detection

The ANBIUX AI08 Mini PTZ Camera is a high-definition camera designed for outdoor use. With a 1080P full-HD lens and 3.6mm focal length, it provides clear and detailed images. The camera also features a 4x digital zoom and a 85° viewing angle.

The camera is equipped with true humanoid intelligent alert double light and supports blacklight full color, color night vision. It offers three preview modes, blacklight full-color infrared night vision double light warning, and can be customized with DIY alarm settings. The AI humanoid detection feature can distinguish between human forms and items, ensuring accurate detection and alerting.

With its waterproof and weatherproof ABS shell, this camera is perfect for outdoor use. It can be connected via IP/Network Wireless, and offers three matching connection modes: AP hotspot direct connection, wireless WiFi connection, or bringing network port wired connection. It also supports CMS computer clients for real-time saving and playback.

The camera is equipped with 128G storage and H.265 video compression format, making it more stable and durable. It also features a 64G TF card and free 30-day cloud storage for added data security. The camera has a maximum power consumption of 8W and comes with a DC12V2A power adapter.

The ANBIUX AI08 Mini PTZ Camera is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10, as well as Android and iOS mobile systems. It supports P2P remote access and multi-user view, and can be controlled with the iCsee app. The camera also offers smart playback, allowing you to select a specific time to play back footage.

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