"Dylan" - Smart Palm-print + Face Recognition Door Lock

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Smart Locks are us

MXI aims to bring innovative thinking and modern technology to your home or office.


“Dylan” – Face Recognition Door Lock:

Face recognition time attendance system and access door lock


1. Working voltage: 8x AA Battery ( Not included )

2. Face recognition sensor: the latest semiconductor identification technology of face door lock.

3.Four ways to unlocking : Face recognition / Palmprint recognition / Card / Password / Mechanical Key

4. Material of the panel: aluminum alloy

5. Capacity

     Face Capacity:  100

     Palmprint Capacity:  100

     Password Capacity: 5

     Card Capacity: 100

6. Battery life: more than 5000 times (standby for one year)

7. Cylinder level: super C-level anti-theft lock core

8. Backup unlocking Way: Emergency power / Mechanical Key

9. Operating temperature: -20°C~60°C

10. Applicable door type: wood, steel, iron, copper door



face recognition lock & Palm-print Recognition Smart Door Lock for home and apartment or hotel etc



3D face recognition: Forehead / Eyebrow / Eyes / Nose / Cheek / Lip / Chin

Non-contact palm-print recognition technology

Improved Smart unlocking types: Face / Palm-print

Anti-peeping Virtual Password unlocking

Mechanical key unlocking: Hidden keyhole, anti-copying, and high security

Long standby: 8 x AA batteries (not included) can last 365 days,

Low battery alert: when the battery is less than 10% of the power, the smart lock will give you a reminder.

USB emergency charging



Face and palm-print recognition smart door lock

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Palm-print: Multispectral sensor

Face recognition: Dual HD Camera & Infrared technology

Latch material: stainless steel 304

Color: Black

Size: 32.0 x 7.0 x 2.8 cm

Emergency power: Micro USB interface

Card Type: IC Card

Unlocking type: Face recognition / Password / Palm-print recognition /IC Card / Mechanical key

Lock core: C Lever

Accepted door thickness: 40mm to 100mm

Application: House / Apartment / Office / Hotel etc

Accepted door type: Wooden Metal and other anti-theft doors



Face read time: 0.5s

Face capacity: 100groups

Palm-print capacity: 100groups

Card capacity: 100pcs

Power supply: 8 x AA Alkaline batteries(Not Included)

Digital code capacity: 5 groups

Code length: 6 to 9 numbers

Low power alert: 4.8V or lower

Working temp.: -20Degree C to +60 Degree C




Single packing: Paper box

Single packing size: 43.0 x 35.0 x 14.0 cm

Weight: 4.55Kgs



1 * Outdoor panel

1 * Indoor panel

1 * Screw kit

1 * Mortise

2 * Key

2 * Card

1 * User manual

How to install a face recognition lock?

It’s EASY!
1. How to determine whether the lock fits your door or not?
(1)Measure the door’s thickness;
(2)Measure the length of the guide plate;
(3)Measure the width of the guide plate.
If your door thickness is more than 40mm, then your door fits our lock!
If you are not sure whether it can replace your old lock or not, please contact and tell us the details of it directly!

We present to you, Smart Digital Door Locks. 

We have a range of digital door locks that can be unlocked with either a pin code or a fingerprint card & key.

It’s really as simple and easy.

Our wide range of digital door locks varies in color, style shape, and size,

No more struggling to find your keys at the bottom of a chaotic handbag,

No more needing to put the arms full of groceries down to find the keys and unlock the door, 

No more playing operation when you get home after a few drinks with workmates that turned into a full-on party, trying to get the key into the keyhole. 

Those struggles are all over, you just plop your allocated finger onto the scanner and open sesame. 

Our fingerprint door locks and digital door locks are real game-changers. 

Make a wise choice and contact us and get your safety locked in.

Technology, creativity, and inspiration are the three core values we embed in every product.

We make it simple to express your personal style at home with unique, Easy-Life products.

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