Wise Lock -Backpack

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1. Fingerprint sensor: semiconductor fingerprint sensing technology, 72×64, recorded 5 times and stored in 40 groups”
2. Fingerprint head shape: square 10.4×10.4mm
3. Storage capacity: 40 sets of fingerprints
4. Technology: Biometrics
5. Fingerprint acquisition time: less than 0.5 seconds
6. Fingerprint matching time: less than 1.0 seconds
7. Administrator fingerprint capacity: 2 sets of fingerprints
8. Fingerprint setting: short press to unlock, long press 3S to set fingerprint, long press 6S to delete fingerprint
9. Battery lithium battery: 80mAh 3.7V
10. Charging current: 5V/180ma
11. Continuous standby: 3 months
12. Full of tips: red light off
13. Product size: 54x34x18mm
14. Working temperature: -20 degree – 70 degree


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