Xiaomi Mijia Smart Safe Deposit Box Bluetooth Fingerprint Password Unlocking 65Mn Anti-Drilling Steel Plate Semiconductor


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Basic parameters
Product name: Mijia intelligent safe deposit box
Product size: 300 x 400 x 300mm
Product model: BGX-5/X1-3001
Product color: dark gray
Executive standard: QB/T 4719-2014 household safe deposit box
CMIT ID:2020DP6443
Lock type: fingerprint password electronic lock
Safety level of lock cylinder: C
Number of door bolts: 2
Product net weight/gross weight: 17kg/18kg

Packing list:
Intelligent safe deposit box * 1
Mechanical key * 2
Expansion screw * 2
No. 5 battery * 4
Instructions * 1

High strength material/professional safety protection
65Mn steel is used to protect the mechanical structure of the safe deposit box motor and lock. This material is commonly used in high-strength structures such as large ships and bridges. It has excellent anti drilling ability and effectively enhances the anti damage performance of the box.

6 unlocking methods
Meet the needs of diversified scenarios
Fingerprint unlocking
Password unlocking
One time password
Bluetooth unlocking
Key unlocking
Double verification unlocking

A new generation of fingerprint recognition
More accurate and safer

Support 20 digit virtual password.Temporary password can be issued remotely
You can enter false random code before and after the real password to prevent discovery and effectively protect the real password; A one-time password can be issued remotely through Mijia APP without a gateway.Threat fingerprint alarm*
When using the duress fingerprint to unlock, dial the emergency contact number with one touch.Remote alarm reminder – three-dimensional security guard.
Through Mijia APP, you can conduct one-stop management on Mijia intelligent safe deposit box, and view remote unlocking records and alarm reminders at any time.
1. Vibration alarm.
The safe deposit box is provided with a fixed installation hole, which can be fixed with the wall. When the safe deposit box is moved after being pried by an external force, even if the fixed object is damaged, it can trigger a vibration alarm and be remotely pushed to catch.
2. Push the door to lock it.
The door is pushed to close, the motor rotates, the locking tongue extends, the prompt sound effect is heard, and the closing is completed.
3. Low battery alarm.
When the power is lower than 10%, Mijia APP will push a dynamic notification, or it can link with Xiaoai speaker to set text
Broadcast or play music shield.

Built in Mijia customized security chip-Professional guarantee of data security.
All data communications between the safe deposit box and the user’s mobile phone are authenticated and encrypted by the security chip to ensure transmission security.

Class C lock cylinder*Effectively prevent technology from opening.
The in-line lock cylinder runs through the lock body. Even if the panel is damaged by violence, the internal lock cylinder can still ensure the safety of items.
The lock cylinder is rated as Grade C, which is a high standard in the industry at present, and has a stronger ability to prevent technical opening.

Double layer safety space
Designed for home storage


  • Model Number: BGX-5/X1-3001
  • Brand Name: MIJIA
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE
  • Smart home platform: Mi Home
  • Product name: Mijia intelligent safe deposit box
  • Product size: 300 x 400 x 300mm
  • Product model: BGX-5/X1-3001
  • CMIT ID: 2020DP6443
  • Lock type: fingerprint password electronic lock
  • Net weight: 17kg
  • Feature 1: For Mi Home App
  • Feature 2: 6 unlocking methods
  • Feature 3: Semiconductor fingerprint
  • Feature 4: Pulsator alarm
  • Feature 5: Threat fingerprint alarm
  • Feature 6: Intelligent linkage
  • Feature 7: Support 20 digit virtual password
  • Feature 8: Class C lock cylinder
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